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A new term beckons and we’ve some corking performances coming up…

I’m approaching my 7th Autumn term with Barts Choir and I’m very excited at what’s to come in our singing diary.

Every term feels like a new choral adventure which comes with the odd frustration (usually early in the term) at my ability to sing the notes which soon segues into a more confident sound trying to actually interpret the music, as the term of our rehearsals progresses.

For context, I’ve always been fairly musical. My Mum always had music playing in the house, Classical right the way through to Motown & Rock. I’ve played the piano ever since I could sit still – about 4 yo – and played the recorder(s), an attempt at the violin, and sang in my school choirs from the ages of 5 through to when I was about 15. The piano dominated my musical attempts beyond school/uni but I only joined Barts Choir in 2015 because I was intrigued at the prospect of singing in an unauditioned choir and honing my singing skills. I started as an alto but then grew in confidence in finding a soprano 2 voice.

The first rehearsal or two wasn’t exactly easy. Achieving efficient breathing and correct tone took some time. But nothing worth achieving is ever easy. Everyone has to start somewhere. However the journey is well worth ‘the effort’ (in apostrophes because most of the time I don’t find singing too difficult and that, from my experience, is the key to singing well). And we’re all on that process to concert day(s) when it all comes to such a high, singing with professional musicians and soloists.

The impact on my well-being has been without description. You can’t beat the mental release from day-to-day work and life stresses when you’re concentrating on notes. And I’ve made some fast friends through the choir too. We’re quite a community and I’m immensely proud of being part of one of London’s largest choirs performing to the high standard we do.

Everyone with some degree of musical ability should try singing in a choir and we do welcome anyone who would like to try for a rehearsal or two.

I do hope you consider signing up with us as to news of our coming performances or terms. Our aim is to introduce more people to singing the beautiful classical choral repertoire we do so well and your voice could be part of that!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at a rehearsal soon.

Evelina (Soprano 2)




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