Coming Rehearsals

  • Monday 14/10/2019, City Temple (nearest tubes: Chancery Lane, Farringdon, Blackfriars).
  • Monday 21/10/2019, City Temple.
  • Saturday 26/10/2019, (nearest tube: Baker Street).

The post-rehearsal pub is Ye Old Mitre (City Temple) & The Volunteer (St. Cyprian's)

Rehearsal Layout


At this coming Monday's rehearsal (14th) we'll be rehearsing:

  • Dixit Dominus
  • Et misericordia (Magnificat - p.130)
  • Audi Coelum

Katie has requested a different lay out again this week. This is so that all voice parts connect with her at some point in the term, within the different movements so as to iron out problems as comprehensively as possible.

It also helps us all with awareness of the other voice parts and 'joining up' the work as an ensemble.

It would also help if members could sit a bit further forward in rehearsal as Ivor and Katie need to hear everyone more clearly to support any issues. This is far easier when we are closer together - with comfort in mind, of course - and nearer the front of the venue. The more scattered and further away from the front we are, the more scattered we sound.

Learning Resources

Please click above for a collection of supporting recordings/video and previous score notes available to view or download via our website.


If you have paid your subscription, thank you very much!

If you haven't yet, please register and/or login to our website and pay via the subscriptions heading under the 'Members' tab..

Please remember that you need to have paid your subscription - which pays for rehearsal costs - at least 4 weeks prior to performance in order to be eligible to perform (should you wish to).

If you haven't already and are singing with us in concert, please let your voice rep know what night(s) of performance you would prefer to/be available to sing.

Please also indicate whether you are a 1 or a 2 voice on the registers.

Carol singing at Barts Hospital


Barts Charity have asked us to bring about a small group to do some carol singing at Barts Hospital on Thursday 28 November (lunchtime - between 12-2pm). Thank you to those who have already expressed their interest in participating.

We need a few more tenors and basses for this event so if anyone else is available on this date, please let me know by reply to this email. Thank you!

Monteverdi Vespers tickets

It would be of great help if members who wish to buy their tickets through us book them on our website (or on the Cadogan Hall website).

Tickets can also be ordered at rehearsal from Andrew or Maggie and orders can then be collected & paid for via cash/cheque/debit or credit card in the following week's rehearsal.

If you are planning to book tickets in person, please do start booking them now if you can. This will reduce congestion in the process closer to performance if/when we get a surge of bookings.

Please arrive before 6.30 at rehearsal if you are collecting & paying for tickets as there will be limited time in the break to do this.


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