Call time change for Pre-performance rehearsal on 14 July 2022

Well done to everyone performing last night!

Aside from a few tempo/intonation wobbles, it was a fantastic performance, so well done to all who threw every inch of their voice on stage.. I had lots of lovely comments from audience afterwards.

A few things for tonight:

– call time for pre-performance rehearsal is 3.30pm.

– It’s in the interests of everyone to feel comfortable – in so far as it’s possible – on stage. Please move if asked by myself or anyone helping with stage management. We’re not being difficult, we just want everyone to have as much room as is feasible and for the audience’s visual to look balanced. And thank you to those who moved last night, much appreciated

– some members said it was quite cool on stage during rehearsal before performance so do bring a layer with you if your arms are inclined get chilly. Cadogan Hall has a solid air-con game.

– please try not to mislay your scores. It’s easily done. If you find yourself with more copies than you expected to in your bag going home last night, please let me know. Some members are missing theirs and we don’t have spares!

– remember that whatever you hear around you, please don’t get buried in your score. Most of us should know the music quite well by now so there’s no need. Hold your score up, watch and stay with Ivor. He’ll bring it all together beautifully as he always does (if everyone follows him we’ll make him happy too).

– there are water dispensers in each communal changing room.

Looking forward to doing it all over again with you all and our fantastic professionals. See you in the bar after. I’d like to suggest the Antelope afterwards but I suspect the pub will be pretty darn hot! Maybe…

And if any of your audience discreetly takes video clip or photos, please do send any on to me. I’m happy to credit and share with our membership.


Evelina x


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