Concert Day Notes – July 2022 at Cadogan Hall

Concert Notes – Cadogan Hall, 13 & 14 July 2022

Mozart Great Mass in C Minor & Mendelssohn Psalm 42


Score Marking, Sits & Stands

This is the running order for the concerts, please mark your score before the pre-performance rehearsal so you’re well-prepared.

Work/Movement (length) Instruction
Overture to Don Giovanni – Trafalgar Sinfonia Stand when Ivor reaches podium, sit when indicated.
Mendelssohn Psalm 42 – 1. Chor p1 Stand when Ivor indicates
Sit at the end of p10
2. Aria – soprano p11 Remain seated
3. Recitative – soprano p15 SSA stand
4. Chor p24 SSA remain standing, TB stand
5. Recitativo p28 into 6. Quintetto p29 SSA sit, Quintetto singers (ATB) remain standing
7. Schlusschor p40 All stand
*Interval* 20 minutes – be back seated on time for the 2nd half
Mozart Mass in C Minor
1. Kyrie p2 Stand on entry of Ivor and soloists and stay standing for start of Mass
2. Gloria p11 Sit at the end
3. Laudamus – soprano p17 Stand at the end
4. Gratias p24 Sit at the end
5. Domine p26 – soprano duet Stand at the end
6. Qui Tollis p30 Sit at the end
7. Quoniam – SST trio p48 Stand at the end
8. Jesu p57
9. Cum Sancto p58
10. Credo p69 Sit at the end
11. Et Incarnatus p82 Stand at the end
12. Sanctus p83 Sit at the end
13. Benedictus p109 all soloists finishing with Osanna Stand p. 118, bar 102 – second beat.


Take applause at the end, sit & applaud when soloists and Ivor go off stage, stand when prompted by Ivor.


Concert Dress

Ladies –  plain black ankle length dress/skirt/trousers (NOT jeans). Plain black top with a modest neckline and sleeves covering the elbows, black tights or socks and black shoes. A small black bag (if required) on stage.

Gentlemen – plain black long-sleeved shirt and black dinner or suit jacket may also be worn. Black trousers and black socks and shoes.

Discreet jewellery please.  Patterned, lacy, sheer or sparkly fabrics are not permitted.


If a member is not dressed appropriately there is a risk they will not be permitted to perform.


We will not be using black folders for this concert. If you have an older score for the Mendelssohn please cover this with same coloured paper as the one the majority of the choir is using.



Performance Day

Please do not attend Cadogan Hall if you have cough/cold symptoms or have tested positive for COVID on the day of concerts. If you do, you risk others – including our professionals! – who are also performing on the 2nd night.



Pre-performance rehearsal is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended you attend if you can as it’s important you have a feel for the venue’s acoustic and our layout of voices in addition to singing whilst orchestra is playing. If you cannot attend, please inform your voice rep and/or get someone in your voice part to reserve you a seat for performance.


Please go to the stage door from 2pm onwards where you will need to give your name on entry and put on a wristband.

Signage will be displayed to lead you backstage where you can leave your belongings in the changing areas and make your way to the auditorium to wait until you’re called on stage for rehearsal. Please do not bring high value items to leave in the changing areas. Although they are fairly secure, we are not liable in the event anything goes missing and is irretrievable.

If you are less able or require special seating, please inform your voice rep:

Sopranos – Sarah on

Altos – Sue Gardiner on

Tenors – Sue Vickers on

Basses – Richard on


2.45pm (approx.) – You will be called up by voice part on to the stage and once we are all in position please check your sightline. If you are having issues with your own sightline to the conductor podium try to resolve it with those around you or alert one of the concert management team. Please be patient.

3pm – Rehearsal begins.

You should all know the notes and recall Ivor’s direction from your scores/memory however please remember to hold your score up so you can see it and Ivor’s direction. Particularly where there is a tempo/note timing change. Ivor may decide to interpret the tempo a little differently at any point of rehearsal/performance to what you are used to, so be prepared for that.

5.30pm – Rehearsal is estimated to end (although it may end earlier). Please do not leave anything on the stage. Items left will be removed.

(5.30-7pm – break) Programmes will be on sale for £4, please bring correct change if you would like one.

Everyone should be concert-ready and on stage by 7.15pm


  • Sit, stand and turn score pages as quietly as you can (particularly if you’re following the notes when our soloists are singing).
  • Be aware that there are gaps in the platforms of seating so where you place your bag/water etc. is keyt. Items may fall through the platforms – and may potentially disrupt the performance – so please be mindful of this.
  • Please don’t wave to your friends/family in the audience.
  • If you bring a small bottle of water on stage, please drink it
  • At the interval, please do not access the audience seating from the stage. Exit via the doors to the backstage area and leave the stage door to access the bar entrance if you want to greet your friends and family in the audience.
  • By the time we’ve left the stage and queued for the toilet, seen friends & family etc. the interval will soon be over, so don’t get caught out returning to the stage in time for the 2nd half!

It’s all too easy to feel tense during performance so try to relax your shoulders with a deep breath to find a balance between singing effort and ease.

Do remember to enjoy every second of our wonderful performers and singing everything we have rehearsed so diligently. And do try to express your joy and other dynamics in line with the text we are singing.

And finally, as we are taking in the applause afterwards, please stand face forward and enjoy the moment. Photography taken by our audience may well be shared and – with consent/credit – used to promote our coming performances/recruitment drives.

The bar will be open after performance and I look forward to having a glass of wine with many of you then. We do sometimes go to the Antelope pub 5 minutes walk from the Hall too.

Enjoy and have a great performance!







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