Learning Resources – Autumn 2022

As well as attending rehearsals, we would appreciate it if you dedicate some of your own time to learning the notes. This ensures that the time spent in rehearsal with our conductor is productive in terms of blending the voice parts well and concentrating on making the overall sound more ‘musical’.

Learning CDs or on-line resources, which play your line prominently with the other parts in the background, are a good way to learn if you don’t read music or don’t have a keyboard.

Autumn 2022

Rutter Magnificat

Cyberbass (free)

Choralia (free)

Choraline – only has 4 voice parts available however (paid, BARTS10 is a 10% discount applicable to online downloads/CDs only, but not the app’s files.)

Finzi In Terra Pax

Choraline (paid – see above)

McDowall Christus Natus Est

Choral Tracks (paid – not verified as to quality as yet but seems satisfactory from the sample)

Special Note: JohnF Rehearsal Files site has been used by our members – both in Main and Chamber Choir – for some years to access digital files and the catalogue is comprehensive. Out of copyright files are free to access however a reasonably priced individual membership for various time periods is available. Both the Finzi and the McDowall works we’re singing this December are available.

Please note there may be inaccuracies on some of these learning files as we do not have any individual voice parts verified by members of the choir. Please let secretary@bartschoir.com know if there are any significant discrepancies or if you would like to help by sourcing and/or checking learning resources prior to our coming terms.



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Our Jeans, Tee & Trainers Gerontius – April 2022

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No-one could have quite imagined our position as a choir on the day of our Royal Festival Hall concert on 6 April. We knew this would be a term of singing preparation like no other. The pandemic had reduced our singing membership, not just at the start of term but throughout the term resulting in a 25% loss […]

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