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Further Update 06/06/2022

Chris has kindly laid down the tracks for the Osanna movement for these voice parts on the piano:

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1


*Update 15/05/2022 – We’ve been made aware that in the Sanctus and Osanna movements, the learning resources listed below may not reflect the score edition (Maunder OUP) we are using. Choraline resources have been reported to be the most accurate but please bear this in mind*

Additional Note: If you wish to purchase tracks from Choraline, the 10% discount code BARTS has only been reported to work in buying CDs or downloading tracks on to your device. The discount code will not work on tracks purchased/played through Choraline’s music app.

These resources have not been checked fully for accuracy against our score editions. If you notice any errors and/or have suggestions via links to better learning resources (free or paid) please contact secretary@bartschoir.com.



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