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Our New Website!

It was overdue but now it’s here. Many Thanks to Penn Studio for supporting this development and producing a fresh structure and design for the needs of everyone who is interested in our aims or in participating with their voice as part of our organisation.

If you’re registered with our old site and still subscribed to our newsletters, you will receive a link to reset your password so you can access the member area. You can indicate your attendance to a rehearsal, see the schedule of our coming terms of rehearsals, buy or access our concert ticket links and access resources that will support your choral learning journey with us. In time, you’ll see the choral projects you have taken part in too.

Now, like anything new, functionality may have the odd issue – despite our extensive review and testing of the site. If you do see or experience any issues with the site, please contact secretary@bartschoir.com for more guidance or for us to resolve any problems. We will be continuing to adjust/develop elements of the site but, for now, it’s time to launch after much discussion/deliberation from the website group of Trustees, notably Liz Aitken, Sue Shale, Philip Murphy, Sergio Cicalo and myself as well as the all-important Andy and staff at Penn Studio!

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the new website experience.





Summer 2023 – We begin preparing to return to the Royal Albert Hall…

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This year, Barts Hospital is 900 years old and we are celebrating this by performing at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 9 July.  Our choir was founded through the hospital and we continue to have a strong core of belief in the health and wellness benefits of singing in our choir as well as […]

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A new term beckons and we’ve some corking performances coming up…

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I’m approaching my 7th Autumn term with Barts Choir and I’m very excited at what’s to come in our singing diary. Every term feels like a new choral adventure which comes with the odd frustration (usually early in the term) at my ability to sing the notes which soon segues into a more confident sound […]

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