Rehearsals focus on the interpretation of the music, the sound of the choir and developing the overall performance. There are normally 5-6 rehearsals for each concert and you are expected to learn your part in your own time before the first rehearsal.

To join, you must pass a straightforward singing test. The purpose is to assess your tone, basic intonation and rhythm, to confirm your voice part, and to ensure a good blend of voices. The test will last about five minutes and can be taken either by our Musical Director, Ivor, or a guest conductor who has been engaged to direct the concert. During the test you will be asked to sing a short piece of music of your own choosing and maybe to do a few exercises such as sight-reading, repeating a phrase or singing scales, arpeggios or intervals.

For more information and to arrange a voice test for our next project, please email us.

Email to arrange a voice test



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